The CIT Team


Onyango (Timothy) Otuoma

Onyango has a strong desire to influence people to take responsibility for their lives and to enable them to create space for making conscious decisions in the face of current everyday challenges. Onyango is also a CIT facilitator who incorporates Art of Hosting tools, models, and methodologies in his facilitation to create spaces where people can talk about complex issues and use collective intelligence to co-create.

Onyango has had more than five years of working experience with both national and international organizations mainly in areas of self-development. His International experience has exposed him to diverse opinions and ways of doing things. He is the founder and managing director of the Mindful African Initiative.

Mindful African Initiative

Location: Nairobi

Anja Pelzer-Brennholt

Justice, reducing bias, inspire cooperation and change are Anja’s passion. She loves to share the potential of CIT. Her own CIT-journey started in 2016 when she met the two CIT designers Dr. Michael Karlin and Dr. Brendan Ozawa-de Silva and joined their working group of practitioners and researchers.

Since the official launch in 2018, she kept being involved, translated the programme into German and facilitates it internationally through the Center for Compassion Integrity and Secular Ethics at Life University, as free-lancer and the German Association for Positive Psychology.

She is also involved as Level 2 facilitator, training CIT facilitators to be certified. Anja holds a law degree, specialized in International Law and Human Rights Law, a MA in Humanitarian Assistance and a MSc in Positive Psychology. After twenty years of working in research management, she is now working in the field of conflict prevention as CIT facilitator, mediator and lawyer.

Location: Berlin

Shane O’Connor

Shane leads the CIT Education Initiative and Coordinates the Global Education Network, which aims to connect educators, those passionate about education, formal and non-formal education centers and institutions across the globe and to offer, support, integrate and share CIT.

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Shane lives with his family in Madrid, Spain. He has studied Journalism, and post-graduates in Development Education, Mediation and Restorative Practice. Shane is also a qualified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Natural Movement Specialist and Outdoor Pursuits Instructor, all passions which he endeavors to incorporate into his work.

Shane has worked internationally as a facilitator, trainer and educator in a wide range of areas from Peace and Global Education, Youth Work for professionals to teacher training workshops. He has over two decades of experience working for local peace and human rights organizations, as well as larger International NGOs and educational institutions in the Global North and South.

CIT/CCISE - Education Sector Lead, The Centre for Compassion, Integrity and Secular Ethics,

Location: Madrid

Pru Waldorf

Pru Waldorf is a non profit event producer, Trauma informed Yoga teacher (Yoga Clinic, OurMALA and Accessible Yoga Training School) mindfulness coach, social justice activist and CIT trainer. She lives in the UK, Rural Kent , where she practices permaculture. Pru has a masters in Applied Anthropology and community development and is passionate about building the capacity of grassroots humanitarian networks.

Working with human rights activists, refugee community organisers, civil society networks, mutual aid groups and volunteer humanitarian first responders - who are active in the area of refugee support and solidarity - to co-create regenerative approaches which create long-term resilience and abundance while responding to immediate humanitarian crises.

Pru is excited by the potential of the CIT curriculum to bring collective healing and transformation to individuals and communities in a humanitarian and development context.

Pru is interested the concept of ‘Radical Self care’ as proposed by Audrey Lorde and believes that by bringing our whole authentic self to our reflective practice , we can we achieve praxis and ensure that we truly ‘do no harm’ in our work. She is passionate about in capacity development - specifically the approaches of Paulo Freire and Bell Hooks and seeks to champion, equitable, holistic, creative, sustainable and regenerative approaches.

Pru is a freelance consultant with the Re-Alliance Coalition and one of the creators of the

Location: London

Maria Thorin

Humanitarian, PhD Student, Yogini, Contemplative Practitioner and Teacher, Promoter of the Science Resilience, Well-being, Prosociality, Empathy, Altruism, Compassion, and Ethics (PEACE)

Maria has a keen interest in Prosociality, Empathy, Altruism, and Compassion (Peace) studies and loves to exchange on views and science with people around these topics. She is a PHd student in Compassion Ethics with Åbo Academy University. She has twenty years of experience in international aid, particularly humanitarian aid.

Prior to her current position with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), she worked with the United Nations.

Maria is a meditation teacher and a Certified Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT) Teacher with the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science.

She is based in Stockholm, Sweden where she is active as a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher within the Hatha Tradition, offering yoga and meditation weekly within a national health network.

Location: Stockholm