Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT)

Build Resilience through the Sciences and Practices of Mindfulness, Compassion, Embodiment

Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science.

Quotes from the Founder of CBRT

Quotes from the Founder of CBRT

Overview: A Nine Weeks Training

Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT) is a complete, evidence-based training to cultivate the resilience of mind, heart and body needed to sustain lives of well-being, engagement and purpose in our interdependent world. CBRT was developed in 1998 by the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science.

CBRT has been tested at the University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, where it has been offered continuously since 1998. The curriculum consisting of eight modules integrates timeless contemplative skills with contemporary breakthroughs in neuroscience, positive psychology and integrative medicine taught in a secular, experiential learning format that is not faith-based but is compatible with all faiths, including atheism and agnosticism.


Research has shown that CBRT is especially effective at building resilience in people with higher levels of chronic stress, such as those facing major illness or trauma, health providers, humanitarian aid workers, caregivers and teachers. Studies conducted at the University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell with women recovering from breast cancer treatment found that CBRT:

  • improves quality of life,

  • reduces biomarkers of stress,

  • lowers social, emotional and role stress,

  • enhances overall functioning and resilience, and

  • markedly decreases post-traumatic symptoms, including intrusive thinking and traumatic avoidance.


Our course includes nine weekly online sessions (eight modules and an intermezzo), taught live by three certified CBRT teachers, and includes two weekly guided meditations, detailed explanations of the techniques, and question-and-answer sessions. Each module is designed to introduce and teach mindfulness, insight, and compassion science through discussion, practice, imagery and breath-energy work.

The course also includes a vast resource of supplemental training and breathwork videos, guided practices, a manual and workbook, and an invaluable bibliography of readings to complement your growth and learning.

Who is this training for?

CBRT is for anyone seeking a comprehensive training method for building resilience, living mindfully and compassionately, cultivating well-being and transforming stress while also helping others.

Resilience is a capacity to bounce back from stress, based on mindfulness and compassion. Our offer is to support individuals and collectives towards lives of resilience and thriving. This CBRT course makes a special outreach to Caregivers as well as Humanitarian Aid Workers (see below).

We welcome institutional partnerships for Organizational Development in the capacities of Mindfulness, Compassion and Embodiment which allow for greater co-worker well-being, compassionate leadership, embodied core values and mutually caring and effective organizations. Partner with us to build individual and collective resilience.

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Get a taste for CBRT in our introductory video

Check out our video where we briefly explain how CBRT can help reduce stress, build resilience and well-being through the empowering sciences & practices of Mindfulness, Compassion and Embodiment.

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